Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney

This week Andy Rooney announced that his last broadcast as part of 60 minutes will be on Sunday, as he is retiring. Rooney has had a feature “story” each week, for a very long time, where they let him talk about anything. Literally anything. Here is a good one where Rooney ponders about President Obama’s desk. Here is one where he talks about how he likes staying at home. And here is one where he muses at the amount of different kitchen gadgets he has in his home. If you have never watched a Rooney story, you are in for treat.

I’ve have heard people complain about Rooney but I’ve always enjoyed his thoughts. Not liking Rooney makes no sense; no one quite has a view like a 92 year old man. The whole world changed around him, and maybe more drastically than has ever happened before over the course of one guy’s lifetime, so of course everything around him seems weird and something to complain about. If I am fortunate enough to reach 92 years old, and I am seeing my grandkids downloading human history into their brain, and I am fighting robots for gasoline, I imagine I will be filled with the same type of wonderment, confusion and distaste at the world around me as Mr. Rooney.

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