Spurm (last show), Unnatural Helpers, Uzi Rash, and Wimps at Black Lodge

Unnatural Helpers, Spurm, Uzi rash, and Wimps at Black Lodge Feb 10th

I made a flyer for this show even though there is already a lovely flyer by Trent from Spurm right here. I wanted one that you couldn’t avoid from 10 feet away. I’m going to put it on poles. It looks exactly like an old A Frames poster that exists in my brain.

This is for Spurm’s last show where they will be releasing a picture postcard record of all things. Do you know what that is? It is the kind of record that you could get in a magazine or something growing up, rip it out, put it on your record player and then it would play just like a regular record like magic. LIKE MAGIC. Anyway, these come on postcards instead of magazines so they are really something special. No foolin. Really something else.

Did I mention I’m taking typography this quarter?

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