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Punk with Dog

Punk with Dog
My second in the punks with dogs series. Maybe one day I’ll have enough for a showing. I’ll call it “Punks with Dogs” and real punks can show up with their dogs and try and bum smokes from me and when I say truthfully I don’t have any they can mutter under their breath at me.

School Daze 2 of 2 – "Don’t Have a Cow, Man!" Starring John Flogginton ESQ

Don’t have a cow man from SCCA New Media on Vimeo.

A long quarter of school is over. I have done my best to keep updates going while still completing all my school work but this quarter proved to be a little too much to allow me to do so. So with no new drawings to show you here is the 3rd of 3 posts concerning school work that I did over the quarter. This video was for my new media class where we were given a random person, object and phrase by our classmates and then had a week to make a video involving those three things. I’m pretty proud of this.

Juggler Dude


Goes with this guy from long ago. I think I must subconsciously want to join the circus. I have always admired the Carnynary arts.