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Hey there, hey you, how’s it going? Good, I hope. Here be a facebox. It has one mouth and a separate tongue. Boy that sure is funny. By the way, thanks for reading and looking at this thing. I appreciate it, I really do.

I guess I don’t promote this as hard as I could or as hard as other people promote their sites or as hard as people expect me to. This week I had two friends come up and say to me that they had no idea that I had a blog and why didn’t I tell them about it. I just assumed that they knew. I mean I talk about it sometimes and once in a while post something on FB but I haven’t made t-shirts with the address on it, or work it into conversations, or start a twitter and locate everyone I have ever met and send out non stop send out reminders. I don’t want to be that asshole. I just try and draw stuff and keep it up and and so far it’s good and fun and it seems like more people look at this and come back and whoever you are I really appreciate it and once in a while someone says something about likely something and that is real nice.

So anyway, thank you and thanks for reading and if you see a drawing of a disgusting box with a tongue shooting out of it and you think that your gross-o weirdo buddy would really think that is tops I would sure appreciate your recommendation for them to check it out. I said appreciate about 12 times.

Thank you