My Grandma passed away this month. She was a neat lady. She had radiant green/hazel eyes. She loved to garden, spend time with her friends and collect tons of tiny nicknacks. She loved big bright colors like aqua green, which was the color of the inside and outside of her house, and had all sorts of neat grandma decorations around the house like glass bottles that were different shapes like hands, birds, and such filled with food coloring and water that she would put in the window to catch the light. She had different nature scene tapestries and decorations for the living room that she would switch out depending on the season; a deer in a meadow for spring, snow covered trees and a lake for winter. There was always plenty to read around her house with old National Enquirers which she referred to as “the paper”, even though she did receive the normal newspaper. She was also a loving and loyal wife, married for over 50 years. Her and Grandpa traveled all over the world and she had many, many photobooks to prove it.

I’m not for sure but I think the hat she is wearing one of Grandpa’s hats that he used to like to wear. All of Grandpa’s hats were the big trucker type with the netting stuff in back and then something funny, or goofy, or a nature scene, on the front. He would perch the hat on the top of his head and tilt it kind of sideways way. Anyway, I never saw Grandma in a lot of hats and seeing her in one I’m sure she was thinking of Grandpa when she decided to wear a hat that day. Grandpa passed away a little more than 10 years ago and Grandma missed him everyday and I’m glad she doesn’t have to anymore.

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  1. Dr. D says:

    This is beautiful, Matt. You captured both grandma & grandpa beautifully with your words & the drawing & you’re right about the hats. She began wearing grandpa’s hats after he died but rarely wore them before that except when fishing on the boat, too protect her face from the sun.

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