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Wimps "Swim in Every Hole" Summer Tour 2012

Wimps - Swim in Every Hole 2012 Tour Poster

My band heads out on tour tomorrow to swim everywhere that we can and also play some shows along the way. For the poster I wanted to include all the necessary elements in any band poster now days:

long wiggly hands – check
triangles – check
floating mason eyes – check
misplaced native american imagery – check
secret pictures – check
boobs – check
smoking letters – check
weed leaf…. Couldn’t make that work.

 Oh well.

 Wimps blogspot is here

Matt Nyce Drawings

Spurm (last show), Unnatural Helpers, Uzi Rash, and Wimps at Black Lodge

Unnatural Helpers, Spurm, Uzi rash, and Wimps at Black Lodge Feb 10th

I made a flyer for this show even though there is already a lovely flyer by Trent from Spurm right here. I wanted one that you couldn’t avoid from 10 feet away. I’m going to put it on poles. It looks exactly like an old A Frames poster that exists in my brain.

This is for Spurm’s last show where they will be releasing a picture postcard record of all things. Do you know what that is? It is the kind of record that you could get in a magazine or something growing up, rip it out, put it on your record player and then it would play just like a regular record like magic. LIKE MAGIC. Anyway, these come on postcards instead of magazines so they are really something special. No foolin. Really something else.

Did I mention I’m taking typography this quarter?