Yakima Canutt

This is an attempt at drawing Yakima Canutt but I didn’t quite get it. Maybe through the eyes I did. Here is the picture I was looking at here. I was trying to get this done as my third installment last week, to complete a cowboy trifector, but I ran out of time.

Yakima Canutt was the only stuntman to ever receive an Oscar. A real deal cowboy, Canutt was born and bred in Washington State, and won World Champion All Around Cowboy at the Pendleton Roundup In 1917. Like many rodeo stars did in those days he migrated to Hollywood where he found work doubling for the likes of Clark Gable, John Wayne Roy Rogers and many, many more.. Supposedly John Wayne took much of his persona from studying the talk and walk of Canutt remarking that he was the real deal, or something to that effect. As he got older and his body broke he moved on to become a respected second unit director and stunt director, choreographing what is maybe the most famous and dangerous stunt on film, the chariot race in Ben Hur.

Canutt lived to be real old for a guy constantly jumping under, about and off of horses, dying at age 90. He looked pretty cool in a cowboy hat.

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