The Rambler

The Rambler

My friend Calvin Lee Reeder the movie maker. Here is my recollection of a publicity shot from his short film The Rambler combined with my experience of watching it and my interpretation of what was going on to make ART!

I was referencing the above photo from memory and my brain had forgot the sunglasses… and imagined a different shirt… and he is facing the other way… where’s the bridge… that doesn’t look like Lee…. Anyway, I did get the guitar and cowboy hat in there as well as adding the splatters. Splatters makes it art. Honestly, I wasn’t going for an exact thing but more the feeling of the movie and I think I got something. Judge for yourself.

If you dug that it’s a good introduction for his new feature The Oregonian which is coming to a DVD near you after premiering at Sundance. It’s a challenging, uncomfortable, weird, funny, and visual movie. Just your type of thing. I also like that it was filmed in Oregon and it looks like Oregon and if you have ever been to these places you can tell where in Oregon. It looks like nowhere else on earth, at least where I have been. There is definitely something scary, and ominious and specific about those places and they are captured in The Oregonian. I don’t believe I have seen that ominousness in any other movie that I am aware of. At least not on purpose. I don’t think Kindergarten Cop was supposed to feel that ominous.

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