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Web Design, Mobile, UI/UX


I partnered with Front End Developer Rachel Ratner to deliver a custom website solution for local concert venue Chop Suey. Was utilized from 2012 until their purchase and rebrand in January 2015.


Chop Suey wanted to their 2008 website design with a clean, minimalist design that focused on upcoming band/artist photos and allowed easy click through to ticket information. Additionally they required an interface that allowed easy updating with minimal training or resizing of assets.


Based on their needs we provided Chop Suey with two options for their site: 1) a custom, ground up design, or 2) a modified template. Both options met their stated goals and provided clear information hierarchy in a clean design. A hero image slider was added to allow highlighting of upcoming shows. In addition we encouraged using a Wordpress template as it has built in responsiveness across devices, SEO advantages and ease of use for content updating. Advantages of a custom design are a site that provides clear, consistent branding throughout and is a unique look to separates them from their competitors, that is tailored to their needs. Disadvantages are a longer build time for coding, design, and construction of assets and thus a higher price tag. Advantages of a modified template are an out of the box design with ready made code and thus has a lower price tag. Disadvantages are cookie cutter design as other companies and/or competitors may have the same template, and making changes within the template are difficult and require additional design coding. Based on their needs Chop Suey chose the modified template route.


The website went live on June 17th, 2013. It is works cross platform, provide clean and clear design, and provides ease of use for both external and internal customers.

“The new website has made a world of difference… Numerous customers have remarked on it’s improved usability and overall look.” - Jodi Ecklund, Head Talent Buyer, Chop Suey

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