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2020 Cycle is a bicycle shop offering new and used bikes, repairs and community events in their space in the Central District of Seattle.


Sealth is a bike handmade in Seattle and designed by 2020 Cycles owner Alex Kostelnik. The bike being inspired in design by Washington State Ferry system Alex wanted a gif style animation for the homepage of his cycle shop to announce the sale of his new bike that also reflected those sentiments. The original concept was stated as a Washington State Ferry arriving on Puget Sound and a Sealth bike disembarking from the ferry. Another goal was to have the Gif be handmade to match up with some of the aesthetic choices still found on his website, from a previous designer.


Starting from the original concept I worked through numerous iterations and test runs to ensure the assets would all work together while allowing the illustration of the Ferry and Bicycle to be highlighted. I furthered the concept adding the idea of showing a typically dramatic early Spring or Late Fall day in Seattle, where the weather is known to go from sunny to raining, in an instance. The scene then fades out while the logo remains to highlight the brand and allow space for the animation to loop seamlessly. Instead of a traditional Gif the client was provided with an mp4 which allowed for a higher level of compression and reduced file size while still retaining the high level of detail as found in the original frame. This results in a great looking movie without the weight and slowdown to the site that a traditonal GIF animation would bring.


"Matt came up with an animation that had a real handmade look & feel that represented our Northwest- like the bike it was advertising. It's handmade feel gave the whole thing an un-technical feel which set the tone for our website aesthetic- namely that we are a very technical bike shop but our approach and our bedside manner is very old-fashioned. It's personal and not pre-fab." - Alex Kostelnik, Owner, 2020 Cycles

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