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Unnatural Helpers "Land Grab" Record Release

Illustrated the literal idea of Land Grab, the awesome new record by the Unnatural Helpers available Sept. 25th.  This poster is for the record release show for said record that my band Wimps are so happy and pleased to be apart of.   This stacked bill, featuring Survival Knife (members of Unwound) and the always awesome Stickers, promises to a good time guaranteed for all.  I dare say the show of the century. 
Unfortunately, this will be my second to last show at the Funhouse.  On October 31st their doors will close and like all good things in Seattle it will be torn down and replaced with “mixed use condos”, left to only be enjoyed through memories.  We Seattle-ites of the future, as we look around at our anytown future Seattle, will sip our Starbucks, eat our Subways and fondly reminisce and wonder how we ever let great places like the Funhouse go, just like we let go the Hi Score Arcades, Rck Cndys, soon to be Bauhaus’s, Original Cha Chas, Kinkoras, that creepy place on the North End of Broadway with the strong drinks I can’t remember the name of across from the Thai Restaurant where I saw Susan Powter… 
If you are unfamiliar with the term “mixed use condo”I will explain.  It is a condo complex that looks like every other condo complex that has replaced everything I love in this city. Everyone of them comes complete with it’s own balcony that while not only ugly is also impractical as it only extends one foot out and is just a work around to meet zoning requirements for “public space”.  These “buildings” always have some sort of magic outer shell that is magic only insofar as it’s the materials painted a earth tone incredible ability to collect dirt which invariably turns the entire structure into a dirty styrofoam looking thing within the year.  Also amazing is that even though it is the same three companies building these things over and over again, none of them seem to have figured out this constant propensity for their buildings absorbing dirt and ending up looking like shit.  Maybe it’s because these assholes don’t live here and thus don’t deal with the turd they have created. Maybe they’re just assholes.  Finally, in the bottom or street level portion of the building you will find the “mixed use” part, which means there is a Subway and/or Quiznos (that will close within the year), a Walgreens and then a Curves workout place (which will also close within the year).
Anyway, annoying ranting aside the Helpers are the best live band in Seattle and my favorite band and great dudes who I have seen many a time at the ole Funhouse.  The Funhouse is ran by Mr. Brian Foss who is one half the ownership and one whole the booking gentleman/nice guy which makes him 1 and half times awesome. Before he turned the Funhole, as it is affectionately called sometimes, into the hole of fun that it is he booked another great place that got tore down Gibson’s.  I wasn’t living in Seattle then but did visit often and caught what I believe was either the first or the second show of the Helpers at Gibson’s in what was about 2000AD.  I know the time roughly as I was not yet 21 and had to climb in through the window my friend left open.  I remember telling main helper Dean Whitmore after the show how awesome they were and then told him they sounded like Zen Guerrilla, a fact that nice guy Dean has been nice enough to forget. 
Land Grab by the Unnatural Helpers is available Sept. 25th through Hardly Art here and streaming for a limited time on 

Wimps "Swim in Every Hole" Summer Tour 2012

Wimps - Swim in Every Hole 2012 Tour Poster

My band heads out on tour tomorrow to swim everywhere that we can and also play some shows along the way. For the poster I wanted to include all the necessary elements in any band poster now days:

long wiggly hands – check
triangles – check
floating mason eyes – check
misplaced native american imagery – check
secret pictures – check
boobs – check
smoking letters – check
weed leaf…. Couldn’t make that work.

 Oh well.

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