Pumpkin Carvin

Tried doing that pumpkin shaving thing? Is that what its called? Like a little sculpture? Lotta fun!

Man Animation

Little animation I did using one of my old drawings. Using some stuffs in After Effects that I was no familiar with.

Beach Owl

I don’t know if there is an indie band with the name Beach Owl yet but if there is not, which I highly doubt, I hereby claim it and you must pay me money for the best indie band name in the world. Think that I am wrong? Name a better one. I double dog dare you.

"My Man Jeeves" Book Cover Illustration and Self Portrait

Book Cover illustration for “My Man Jeeves” by PG Wodehouse for school.  I used myself as a model as image searching “Butler”, “Rich Butler”, “Fancy Butler”, “New York Butler”, “Old Timey Butler” and “Butler -Gerard”. ALL OF THESE RETURN NOTHING BUT TOPLESS SEXY SEXY GERARD BUTLER PICTURES.  So naturally I thought: “Hmmm what else could a butler be called? What search would lead me to the picture of an old timey fancy butler instead of that sexy sexy sexy Gerard Butler? What could that search be? There must be something.  Ponder, ponder, ponder. Hmmm… OF COURSE! Man servant!” That didn’t go much better.

Look I’m a butler!